Jul 4 / 2017
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EEGMedia launches new channel for igaming news broadcasting, iGaming Radio

EEGMedia is excited to announce that their recent project has been successfully launched. The new project will serve the b2b sector of the online gambling industry in a form of streaming news and press releases with music being played to ease the office hours of peers working in the industry.

Zoltan “Hawkie” Tundik, Founder and Head of Business at EEGMedia commented: “We are really excited to bring such an opportunity for our audience and move our news broadcasting process into a new channel. I feel that this new service will increase our offerings and services for the benefit of partners and clients.”

iGaming Radio is the first online radio which is streaming igaming industry related news exclusively thorough daily shows, interviews and press releases.

The aim of the station is to keep its audience connected 24/7 with the online gaming industry by playing awesome music and serving the news first hand. Your days in the office will never be the same again!

Tune in and you will never want to leave: www.igamingradio.com

  • The weekly schedule of the station includes the following shows:
  • Motivational Mondays
  • Freaky Tuesdays
  • Rocking Wednesdays
  • Throwback Thursdays
  • Soothing Fridays
  • Chillout weekends

The music selection is done by the team at EEGMedia and song requests can be processed via the radio’s social media channels.

The news reading is done by Bokor Barna(the newest team member at EEGMedia) and the radio promised to become more interactive starting from week 2.

Currently the station is covering news which are served via www.eegaming.org and www.gamblingaffiliatevoice.com, however the team is open for media partnerships to help move the igaming industry more into mainstream media.

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.

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