Engaging More Women Can Boost Businesses

Discussion on how engaging more women and letting them be themselves can help businesses

by Christian Keszthelyi

During the second panel of “Careers and Women in Gaming” held during the last day of SiGMA 2018 and led by Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder at All-in Diversity Project, participants all agreed that engaging the “other 50%” — women — can double the bottom line of a company.

“We need to look at women who are already in the organisation,” said Megan Easey, Gaming Operations Professional at Videoslots. According to her, women should not show that they are “ballsy” to prove themselves to men. They just need to own their own skill set, which is already given and can help businesses a lot.

sigma igaming Engaging More Women Can Boost Businesses Engaging the “other 50%” — women — can double the bottom line of a company.

Karolina Pelc, Vice President Casino Innovation at SG Digital, said that diversity is not about a quote or a sheer figure, but about progression and improvement by offering women what they need and utilising the skills they have. Women also seek to have a perfect work-life balance, and it is important for them to work and also be there for the family. As such the industry needs to be welcoming of this, and help women enter on these terms.

Helen Walton, Chief Commercial Officer at Gamevy and Gluck, said they do not employ as many female developers as she would like, however, both  teams are led by women. She thinks girls should be mentored during their education, with a focus on encouraging acquisition and retention of STEM subjects. She stressed the importance of being  a digital nomad, saying it is important to be able to collaborate from a myriad of locations without physically being in an office.

Pelc said she sees that more and more women are interested in entering the iGaming business and she sees a healthy ratio drawing up under these terms. She also mentioned that encouraging women to play slot machines and slot games is important. It is not only men that such games are attractive to, making the games more appealing in story and images to women, opens up the whole industry to them.

Panelists agreed that another useful piece of advice for targeting women through video slot games is to reshape prizes. It appears that men favour low volatility games, as smaller amounts of quick money can be spent impulsively. However, offering bigger prizes could be more appealing to women, who would spend their winnings on securing their families.

At the very end of the panel, the participating women formulated some very motivating words that can be helpful in general. How to be successful in your field and career? Take a risk. Follow your passion. Never give up.

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