European Commission raises health hazards awareness

The European Commission is encouraging countries across the continent to demand that online gaming adverts display similar messages as those found on cigarette packs.

Reuters reported yesterday that they have obtained a draft document which states that the European Union executive intends to focus on advertising, in their combat against compulsive gambling.

They also reported that this week the EU executive is expected to present its recommendation to improve controls over Europe’s €10.5 billion ($14.3 billion) e-gaming industry.

Figures presented by the European Commission suggest that online gambling is the fastest growing service activity in Europe, growing at a rate of 15% a year.

Expectations are that it could urge countries to tighten the advertising rules, despite the recommendation not being legally binding.

In countries such as France, a helpline number and health warning messages are currently present on all iGaming websites and in all advertising material. The recommendation is meant to prompt countries into replicating what is already happening.

The process is meant to inform the players of chances of winning and losing, risk of becoming an addict and assistance for compulsive gambling.

The EU also plans to propose a ban on internet gambling firms sponsoring events that are aimed at players under the age of 18.

Responsible Gaming has been duly promoted and and encouraged by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority as well as the licensed operators in Malta. On the 18th February 2014 The Responsible Gaming Foundation was launched by the Authority, as a means of offering support to operators and players alike.

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