Evenbet launches first ever no-rake online poker platform

EvenBet designs a world first with NoLimitCoin poker

The award-winning  software developer, EvenBet Gaming, has reached new heights with the launch of NoLimitCoin, a pioneering no-rake online poker platform.

The NoLimitCoin platform features fully web-based functionality with no reliance on install files required, and operates no rake, so players can keep all their winnings commission-free. The site caters for players of all stake sizes, from micro to high-stakes, and is endorsed by brand ambassador and two-time World Series of Poker champion, Johnny Chan.


SiGMA iGaming Evenbet launches first ever no-rake online poker platform NoLimitCoin


Dmitry Starostenkov, EvenBet Gaming CEO, said: “NoLimitCoin’s zero-rake is true a game-changer for the poker scene. Several new crypto poker rooms, like PokerCoin, have been successfully launched this year using Evenbet functionality. However, our platform is constantly evolving technologically, with fresh crypto-currency projects regularly added thanks to the fastest integration on the market."

EvenBet’s chief poker products have, for the last few years, been a breath of fresh air with their cutting-edge, exciting portfolio of products that is re-energising the poker space.

Crypto currencies offer an efficient and flexible method of launching a profitable poker project across emerging markets, opening up online gaming to people without bank accounts. The crypto-crowd also represents a speculative market-savvy, target audience which is perfectly aligned for the appeal of online poker. Accordingly, EvenBet is updating the game for the next generation of poker players.

Poker’s popularity had been declining for years, yet EvenBet is successfully providing the scene with the adrenaline and value it needs. NoLimitCoin offers the world’s first truly zero-rake proposition, which will inherently increase demand for the game by an order of magnitude. It demonstrates our determination to diversify both the product and platforms of the industry leaders across the globe, boosting engagement and retention for operators, while also maximising value for players.

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