Eventus International hosts first edition of Artificial Intelligence Malta Summit

A.I Malta summit scheduled for July

The LeMéridien St Julian’s Hotel and Spa will host the first edition of the Artificial Intelligence Malta Summit from 12th to 13th July 2018.

The audience comprises of tech enterprise decision makers, AI Cloud platform providers, Tier 1 / 2 deployment & service providers, AI innovators, investors, government officials, roboticists and researchers in all sectors from iGaming all the way to medicine and real estate.

With 13 peer-reviewed topics, over twenty speakers and countless opportunities to network with the biggest stakeholders, delegates have the opportunity to gain vast knowledge and skills.

A number of illustrious speakers are also engaged to attend, including, Alain Richardt, founder of RAMM Science, Olga Finkel, Founder and Partner, WH Partners and Peter Morgan, Founder and CEO, Deep Learning Partnership.

Topics included in the summit are:

  1. The Evolution of A.I – From the Beginning Until Now
  2. Panel: the AI paradox – Should A.I be regulated?
  3. Day 1 Keynote: Deep learning explained - Towards a General Theory of Intelligence
  4. Panel: The future of Humanity in the age of Automation
  5. Panel: All applications for A.I in the iGaming sector
  6. Presentation: A.I in Healthcare
  7. Opening the door to A.I in the Real-estate sector
  8. Panel: A.I Economics - How A.I is changing fintech
  9. Panel: Emotionally intelligent machines – Is personality programmable?
  10. Master Class Session: What is A.I really?
  11. Panel: A.I Advertisers – Using A.I to sell products
  12. Day 2 Keynote Presentation: How do we train AI to be ethical and unbiased?
  13. Panel: Converging A.I and Blockchain

Eventus International’s newest event and sector of research is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm as it becomes exponentially more advanced and capable of enabling humanity to do more and be more.

In recent years, AI and IT has seen a massive rise in Malta. With most universities offering some of the best theoretical and practical courses in AI and IT, and lessons being taught by leaders in the sector, it’s easy to see why Malta is taking such leaps forward in these sectors.

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