Feb 6 / 2019
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Exclusive interview with Mikael Hansson at SiGMA 2018

Enteractive share their plans at SiGMA 2018

Mikael Hansson, Co-founder and CEO of Enteractive spoke with SiGMA about the company’s focus for the coming year, saying that they had stepped up their game for SiGMA.

Mikael explains that while other players in the market were focused on luring new customers, Enteractive saw the potential for offering long-term care to current clients. Saying “It’s very simple, it’s a basic need – talking to players and getting to know them.”

“I think we have seen something that is magical – after 5 years we stilll don’t lose players. they stay because we talk to them and create something different – a personal relationship.”

Watch the full interview below for more about the company’s growth, the launch of their new reactivation cloud and the future of AI in iGaming.

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