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Exclusive: Pixel Companyz race to the Nagasaki IR finish line with a seven-time Olympic medalist as their brand ambassador

In this exclusive interview, SiGMA News invites CEO of Pixel Companyz INC., Hiroaki Yoshida, to discuss the recruitment of Kohei Uchimura as ambassador for the Nagasaki IR bid

In a previous Interview, Mr. Hiroaki Yoshida  opened up to SiGMA News about the huge decision made to enter the bidding process in Japan’s first Integrated Resort, Nagasaki. Today he delves deeper into the effort being made to win this race.

Kōhei Uchimura, the twenty-one-time World medalist and seven-time Olympic medalist, winning three golds and four silvers has been recruited by Pixel Companyz as an ambassador for the Nagasaki IR bid.

Why Pixel Companyz chose Kohei Uchimura as their brand ambassador:

Pixel - Sigma It is a great pleasure and honor for us to sign a contract with the world top gymnast Kohei Uchimura for the Nagasaki IR project.

Uchimura is Japan's legend and a legend in the world of gymnastics. He grew up in Nagasaki and is, therefore, a treasure to Nagasaki’s community.

Through Kohei Uchimura, we wanted to convey our concept of "Curiosity and potential of the world to Kyushu, the third largest island of Japan’s main five islands. With Kohei, the curiosity and potential of Kyushu to the world emerges."

I have been impressed at how he has continued to evolve as a player, striving to be the world's best and hitting unreachable targets. He has done a great job encouraging people in Japan and all over the world to be the best version of themselves.

Kyushu, the region where the IR will be built, will work with Kohei to promote community engagement and development initiatives around the world. We want him to create connections between our brand with our cross-border customers. This is vital to the long-term success and development of Kyushu and Japan.

Uchimura's role in the upcoming project:

Olympics - kohei uchimura Kohei is also the Global Brand Ambassador for One Kyushu, a project in the same region in Japan.

Uchimura will embrace every challenge in pursuit of the highest possible achievement. He is respected for his integrity, character and for the optimism and humility he demonstrates to all.

This project, One Kyushu, combines the expert professional insight of its Global Brand Ambassador with its most advanced proprietary technologies, creating significant contributions to the economy in the form of employment and business opportunities in Nagasaki.

With a strong focus on education, the Kyushu/Nagasaki IR will also be a platform to facilitate research and development in sectors such as tourism, smart city, and futuristic digital evolution.

Initial plans with the athlete for the Nagasaki IR race:

Hiroaki YoshidaBased on the philosophy of One Kyshu, we would like to carry out activities that contribute to the community and people. I can’t tell you the details now, but keep an eye out.

About Pixel and their plans:

Established in 1986, Pixel Companyz is a member of an international consortium pursuing developments of an integrated resort in Japan, focusing mostly on the entertainment, development and system innovation side of things.

Supported by other prefectures of the Kyushu region, the Nagasaki prefecture currently remains one of the few local Japanese governments that has done some significant progress on the development of the IR's.

Take a look at our previous interview with Mr. Hiroaki Yoshida here.

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