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FAST TRACK Announces Third Casino Launch This Year

FAST TRACK will be launching a new online casino this December, making it the third online casino FAST TRACK will have taken live in the second half of 2016.

The new casino which is currently cooking in the FAST TRACK oven will take a completely innovative approach, initially being launched towards Scandinavian markets.

‘’We get really excited when partners come with fresh and new ideas on how to approach the market and access new groups of customers. This is a completely out of the box approach with a very exciting casino and player experience to look forward to. FAST TRACK are now well underway on realising this vision.’’ Commented Simon Lidzén, CEO of FAST TRACK.

A spokesperson from the upcoming casino stated ‘’With the increasing competition, launching a successful online casino in 2016 within the Scandinavian markets requires both a very high standard product, and the ability to market extremely effectively. Our online casino launching at the end of the year will definitely achieve both of these and much more. A successful launch and, ultimately, product requires that our partners fully understand our proposition and embrace it and FAST TRACK understood our vision from the beginning and were keen to partner with us to get it to market.’’

 This casino launch will be the third casino in a row from FAST TRACK that will be powered by both FAST TRACK’s front end platform and iGaming Cloud’s backend platform. Once live the casino will also be operated through FAST TRACK’s retention & support services.



FAST TRACK is an iGaming technology & services provider, specializing in developing market leading online casinos.

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