Fasttoken decentralised iGaming solution gains momentum

“Think Crypto” say BetConstruct with new blockchain-based solution

After being in development for more than six months, Fasttoken has showcased their blockchain-based casino games at ICE in London. BetConstruct’s cryptocurrency project offers a variety of transactions within the vast network of BetConstruct, including transfers, blockchain applications, as well as for gaming services across the company’s and partners’ websites.

Fasttoken is the first all-in-one, blockchain-based, fully decentralised gambling and betting solution providing 100% transparency, security and fairness to all involved parties in the world of online gambling.

Following this ground-breaking event, the Fasttoken team have officially announced that they will offer full access to all codes regarding their state channels, uniquely adapted to the gambling industry.

Fasttoken Smart Contract Codes

Fasttoken is proud to be the first team that has taken the necessary steps to publicize their state channel implementation. The team sees that a healthy rivalry between competitors is beneficial for the industry as well as the players in delivering better services for all . The market already has many platforms offering blockchain-based gambling experiences in a transparent environment, although none has unveiled their codes of state channel implementation.

Fasttoken further states that Ethereum previously promised to introduce native support for state channels later this year, which should lead to further improvement of the technology and eventually making it more developer-friendly.

As one of the early innovators in blockchain-based gaming, Fasttoken wants to spearhead exceptional gambling experiences for players. With education also a top priority, Fasttoken will share their skills and expertise, and ultimately improve the technology through such collaboration – shared knowledge being what they view as the next step in the blockchain revolution.

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