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Former Mr. Green CEO Jesper Kärrbrink becomes new chairman of Internet Vikings

Jesper Kärrbrink has been CEO of Svenska Spel, Eniro and Mr Green and now takes on Chairman role at Internet Vikings

Internet Vikings is well known on the Swedish tech scene. The founders Rickard Vikström and Victor Jerlin were part of the hacker culture in the early 2000s that hung on the chat channel #hack.se, including with the Pirate Bay founders.

Internet Vikings, which offers domains and hosting for keyword optimisation companies, laid the foundations for the foundation immediately after high school. Last year, the company had sales of around SEK 40 million and made a profit of just over SEK 1 million.

Jesper Kärrbrink

Now the Internet Vikings are ready to grow. The goal is, among other things, to broaden the business and focus more on e-retailers and gaming companies. As part of that, Jesper Kärrbrink, former CEO of Mr Green, is stepping in as chairman of the board. He has previously also been CEO of both Eniro and Svenska Spel, as well as held senior management positions within the Bonnier Group.

He moved home to Sweden from Malta in April.

“I have received a number of proposals since then and I have tried to make as wise choices as possible. I like Rickard and Victor and think they have built something long term and solid. They have a good idea and a healthy approach to entrepreneurship,” he says and continues:

“They are really prepared to take the next step now and asked if I wanted to help. This is a very interesting industry. Hosting and brand protection is not something that is written and talked about so much, but it is the foundation of a well-functioning Internet economy ”.

When he takes over as chairman, he also gets a smaller ownership interest in the company.

“The products that Internet Vikings have are basic products that everyone who runs e-commerce or gaming companies must have. But there is room to make it even better. There is money to be saved for both e-commerce and gaming companies ”.

“The gaming companies have been making relatively 'easy' money in recent years, but now there are taxes, increased regulation and even increased competition. That will increase the press, and there I believe that Internet Viking has a role to play. They can build new layers in what they do ”.

The idea is also to recruit a number of new key people to the company.

Jesper Kärrbrink's role as chairman will be to set strategies and coach the founders. His main occupation is his own gaming company Green Jade, which he describes as developing "the next generation casino games mixing skill and RNG, taking influences from computer games, social games and slots."

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