Feb 6 / 2019
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Future of Dutch online gambling bill in jeapordy

Dutch Senate divided on Remote Gaming Bill

The Remote Gaming  Bill, which is up for vote on February 12th may be in jeopardy. The bill underwent serious debate in Senate on Tuesday, provoking widespread criticism, a move which is likely to hamper its chances of passing into legislation.

The Remote Gaming Bill, which aims to launch an online licensing regime that would be open to international operators was approved by the legislature’s lower chamber way back in July 2016 but has since failed to find the kind of support necessary for favourable voting results.

The second term of the senate debate concluded with a rather unexpected demand for additional written answers to three questions, which the Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker promised to provide by Friday at the latest.

The questions included a request for an exact definition of ‘illegal operator’ and whether any operator tagged with this scarlet letter can be legally excluded from participating in the newly regulated online market.

Senators also wanted to know what specific measures Dekker was proposing to restrict gambling advertising via online channels, in particular social media, and the legal basis underpinning these restrictions.

Finally, senators want to know what laws currently exist that would permit the Dutch government to block the domains of gambling sites not holding new Dutch licenses.

The debate is still likely to be concluded by February 12th, with a vote immediately following, however it remains to be seen whether Sander Dekker can satisfy senate concerns. If rejected, the bill will return to the lower house, where it will be amended and put forward for future consideration.

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