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GamCrowd launches Technology Focused online service

GamCrowd has launched a free online tech-focused service which aims to be the center of ideas and innovation for the gaming industry. Start-ups, early-stage investors, growth companies and entrepreneurs will be able to access the ideas within this hub that plans to be the pivoting point for such concepts. There they will be able to track the progress of firms within the gaming industry as they develop from startup all the way to a lucrative exit.

Gamcrowd will be the first in the industry to venture into this area filling the gap in sharing information and ideas by combining a community of thought leaders and companies. They plan to generate discussions, news and features about technology innovation along with the development within and relating to the gaming industry.

The idea of a weekly newsletter that incorporates the latest articles plans to be distributed, in an unprecedented way on a Sunday morning. This way it will allow executives a chance to round up and be briefed outside of the working week.

Already GamCrowd has a growing membership of more than 3,500 individuals who benefit from this free service. This includes advice from their partner companies including Grand Parade, iGaming Ideas, Clarion, Joelson, Inchinn, Square in the Air, Shop Works and Unibet with the addition of more companies a certainty.

The head of Unibet Strategic Development Will Mace stated that they totally shared GamCrowd in their vision to support growth and innovation by establishing this sort of community.
“It has the potential to be a really valuable place for early-stage companies and entrepreneurs to connect with the industry to help shape and refine their ideas and plans. A thriving innovation space can only be good for the industry as a whole, and so we very are happy to support GamCrowd as a partner company.”

Gamcrowd plans to dive right in and cover a vast range of topics as possible. Their News offerings plan to cover expos and events, highlighting the latest tech from all over the world, bringing a fresh viewpoint and vision. They also plan to partner up with publications from other industries which would allow them to target and pinpoint potential crossovers and key trends.

An advantage for talented innovators and entrepreneurs is that it will allow them to present new ideas to the majority, collaborate, get feedback and educate themselves on the vast range of topics that would enable them to expand their business regardless of their company’s stage, being start-up or preparing for IPO.

Chief Executive Chris North for GamCrowd has since the launch in 2014 advised hundreds of individuals and companies that have been looking to get their ideas launched in the gaming space.

“We see people looking to bring some fantastic ideas to the betting and gaming sector, but there is often a disconnect between tech knowledge and industry knowledge. We feel there is a real need for an information source that is designed specifically to bring this together and promote these great ideas.” Stated North.

GamCrowd Studio intends to cover how to guides that is aimed at companies in their various stages of their growth, as well as advice and feature articles.

Within the News feature, a wide range if not all topics in the gaming industry will be highlighted that affect growing companies. Their vast coverage of News will also incorporate for example major launches, developments from established operators which impacts to whole sector and summaries and features of the happenings of others where there will be some examples to be followed or lessons to be learned.



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