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GameCo Launches New Slot Game Danger Arena

The Slot Industry is Hard at Work On Skill-Based Slots

Gamers tend to look down at slot games for obvious reasons – they are chance-based products. When funds depend solely on the luck factor, there will be people who are surely not happy to risk their money without having the power to influence how they spend it. In gamers’ world where skills are what’s important, it’s not hard to imagine that Lady Luck is not the most welcomed guest to the party.

Nonetheless, the casino industry is a smart and growing industry. People won’t just turn its head over the fact that it could have a broader range of players than those of today. Many favor online slots sites like Simba Games if it only introduced something more skill-based to the world. And so it did. Some of the leading slot vendors already decided to move in the direction. Now some of them are providing a different experience. This means you can have more control over how you lose or win!

The Turning Point Called “Danger Arena”

A game developed by the GameCo software company, titled “Danger Arena”, is the best of both gaming and gambling worlds. From the side of gambling – you can win money by playing. From the side of video gaming – you need skills to encounter its levels. It reminds us of games such as Call of Duty and Hallo, as it shooter-based. One day, Danger Arena will be considered the origin of skill-based casino games. This might entirely change the way we view gambling. This switch is revolutionary for more than one reason:

•    We could witness some of the games similar to the world’s most popular ones such as LoL, Smite, WoW turn into real money products;

•    Ever heard someone say, “You can’t make a living out of playing games”? Well, this might also change, as devoted players could now make decent cash out of playing, and we are not talking only about gaming tournaments;

•    At the end of the day, games would be way more fun knowing that we profit from playing, which could turn many non-gamers into gamers.

An interesting fact is that Danger Arena might be the first legalized casino game in the US! You know how strict they can be with gambling laws. This is indeed a turning point.

Gameplay of the First Skill-Based Slot Machine

Though Danger Arena is the one to break the ice, it won’t be perfect; its adaption to players might last pretty long. What is known for now is that:

•    The length of one gameplay will last about 45 seconds;

•    As gamers’ job is to fight robots, the main goal is to take down as many of them as possible;

•    Six robots already make you a win, but for the highest payout, you want to accomplish killing 10 of them;

•    The idea is that the game is played by not only one but more players, which is also a thing differentiates it from slots;

•    Though a shooter product, it is created in a more cartoonish way;

•    Danger Arena is played in front of a video screen and with the use of a controller;

•    It will consist of various maps and levels of lower or higher difficulty;

At the end of the day, Danger Arena is a casino game, so know that house edge and RTP are included just the same. RTP is expected to be between 89% and 92%, while the betting range goes from 0.50 to 20 dollars!

What Can We Expect From the Future of Know-How Casino Products?

It won’t be surprising if regulators all over the world are wondering how to regulate Danger Arena as well as all similar games to come since it is not entirely a gambling game. With that said, this product is waiting for its approval from numerous regulators.
They are primarily based in America. Some countries that don’t approve gambling activities might just greenlight skill-based casino games!

What we are used to nowadays are chance-based slots which are mostly 3D and top-notch looking that satisfy the needs of most online casino players. But, what if there is a whole new fan base of players who are waiting for the opportunity to use their skills and make money with every game they play – imagine skill-based scratch cards – now that’s something that will even swoon the older generation of card scratchers and bingo players – who now flock sites like PrimeScratchCards: Online Scratch Cards – 120 Games – to give a try to new and more exciting generation of chance-based games. If the industry gets hold of them, it would immensely affect its popularity and revenue! Moreover, the industry is planning to work on more such machines that will be adapted to not just shooter but racing, sports, action, and adventure lovers!


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