“Genesis” founder to promote Malta as a global gaming jurisdiction

The remote gaming sector is by far the most dynamic and the fastest growing gaming sector in Malta , regulated under the provisions of the Remote Gaming Regulations, Malta can be proud to be the first EU member state to regulate Remote Gaming.

With over 480 gaming firms based on the island, employing around 10,000 people in the sector, mostly consisting, it could be said of expats the Island has been prudent in the phenomenon of reaching this height. From online casino to poker sites to a string of back office operations that process transactions for chains of bookmakers in other European countries.

Malta’s success as a gaming hub is attributable to a number of factors. Its membership in the European Union positions it to benefit from the application of common market principles, with free movement of goods and services being fundamental. Malta also offers low official fees and gaming taxes, which, coupled with its advantageous European onshore business environment, provide very favourable conditions for setting up. The development of the gaming industry in Malta has also accelerated the development of related ancillary services including ICT, telephony, co-location and back office services.

Next month EXANTE’s communication director/journalist , Patrick J O Brien will visit London and speak at The London Business School regarding this sector which has spearheaded Malta ahead of the GAME compare to its competitors . He will also be a guest at The house of Commons and will do array of Interviews with leaders in the UK gaming sector.

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