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Getting to Know Ahmet Celebi

Getting to Know Ahmet Celebi

SiGMA recently met up with Ahmet Celebi to learn more about Caspo Ltd and QueenVegas.com and his roles within the companies.

As an affiliate and affiliate manager, Ahmet told us that originally there was no intention of opening a Casino. He was contacted by Skill on Net and asked to run one of their Casinos, Queenvegas.com, which had been lying around.

“I personally liked the name and spent a good amount of time researching design ideas and how to approach players, which was never really what we did. It is different from just dealing with Affiliates,” he said. “I see players as customers and I think that every one of them deserves to be treated in the best way possible.”

When discussing what factors distinguish his brand from its competitors, Mr Celebi said that he believes it is the design: “New design elements have been added to make us look different from any other Casino.”

He also added that they have 20 different languages with native-speaking supporters in all languages, as well as 9 different currencies. These factors provide players with a better, all-around experience, knowing that they can play in the comfort of their own language and currency.

Just like any other company, there are, of course, certain plans and predictions for the future of Caspo Ltd. Ahmet said that growing requires adaptation which means adding more departments and bringing in new people – the crucial part is getting the right people for the right job. With regards to his personal plans, Ahmet jokingly said: “Next, I deserve a very long holiday with no internet or phone connection, where I can just relax.”

Caspo Ltd’s offices are in Gozo, but there was no government incentives or other such factors that contributed to Ahmet’s decision to shift to Malta’s sister island. “I moved to Gozo before opening the office and I can personally say that if you are settled, have kids, and don’t need to go to Paceville every day, Gozo is the place for you,” he said, adding that it’s cheaper, safer, more quiet, and much less hectic than Malta.

While on the topic of Gozo, SiGMA brought up the idea of building a bridge or tunnel connecting the two islands and asked Ahmet whether he is for or against it, to which he enthusiastically replied: “Bridge or tunnel, I don’t care – but please, please, please with sugar on top, build one of them ASAP,” adding that he would personally choose a bridge over a tunnel.

Ahmet has also worked within the iGaming industry in other big cities, namely London and Amsterdam, but doesn’t seem to find any major differences or challenges between them and the Maltese Islands.

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