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Google to lift ban on sportsbetting advertising in certain US states

Its “Gambling and games policy” was updated and now ads for gambling sites will be displayed in up to eight states

The States of Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Montana and Rhode Island joined Nevada, New Jersey and West Virginia as the only states in the US where gambling ads can be displayed through Google advertising services. These changes are part of the limited beta program that the company is going through as a part of their plan to fully remove their actual advertising ban on wagering.

The American tech giant updated their ads policy on 15th October and published the following statement: “We will allow ads for sports betting in the following states, in addition to Nevada, New Jersey, and West Virginia, as part of a limited beta in the United States: Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.”

The move comes following legislation in May 2018 by the US Supreme Courts allowing individual states to legalise sports betting. Operators will now be allowed to publish online ads through Google Ads, YouTube, AdMob and Google Display Network.

The ban is expected to be lifted completely by the first quarter of 2020. With the option to use Google to promote their businesses through pay per click advertisements, online casinos will now have a new way to attract new customers thanks to the massive exposure that the search engine offers.

However, the American multinational still emphasises their support for responsible gambling and abides by the local laws in each territory. Each and every one of the advertisers needs to receive a Google Ads certification, and some of the requests they need to fulfil are, for example, that the advertisers themselves have to promote responsible gaming and never target an underage public.

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