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Greentube introduces nJoin

Greentube revolutionising iGaming integrations in 2019

Greentube, the NOVOMATIC Interactive division, is introducing nJoin (Novo Join Platform), an intuitive self-service platform for integrating B2B partners end to end into its portal. nJoin is completely self-explanatory, improves the quality of integrations and significantly reduces the integration effort.

With nJoin, Greentube has reduced the integration of its games into partner platforms from months to a few days, while providing a simple, interactive and transparent integration process. The tool enables B2B partners to quickly build up a knowledge base about Greentube’s games and platform features, launch and play its games as well as integrate, debug and fix issues on the fly. The tool is designed in a way that best fits the needs of Greentube’s B2B partners integrating its games into their platform.

Amir Gharani Amir Gharani

Amir Gharani, Head of Games Integration at Greentube, commented “nJoin was a vision on paper last year, now it is a reality. Game integrations have never been easier and it’s amazing to see feedback from the operators on how easy, effective and transparent the integrations have become for them with nJoin. In addition, this project would never be completed without having such a team of highly talented and inspiring specialists. Greentube is on a mission to establish itself as the world’s leading B2B game provider and nJoin is an essential part of that journey.”

Michael Bauer, Greentube CFO/CGO, commented “Our strategy is to continuously expand throughout Europe and the Americas. nJoin will be a catalyst in reaching our goals as future integrations will be more efficient and faster for both us and our B2B partners. I want to congratulate the team who did an amazing job from creating the concept until implementation. It is the first step in a series of innovations and improvements which we are planning to implement moving forward. Watch this space for more to come.”

The core features of nJoin are its test suites, which guide users through the implementation of any and all B2B interaction between Greentube and its partners. Easy bug fixing is facilitated though immediate feedback from the built-in diagnostic tools. At the end of the integration, the operator is able to run all automated test cases from start to end and will be provided with an overview on which tests have passed and which not.

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