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Henrik Persson Ekdahl announces sale of stake in Catena Media

Catena Media will receive new shareholders

Swedish tech entrepreneur Henrik Persson Ekdahl has made yet another big splash. On Tuesday evening, following the close of the stock exchange, Henrik Persson Ekdahl announced the sale of half his stake in Catena Media stock.

The move was announced via Optimizer Invest. The value of his shares is approximately half a billion kroner.

sigma igaming Henrik Persson Ekdahl announces sale of stake in Catena Media Henrik Persson Ekdahl.

Persson Ekdahl hailed the great success of the investment in Catena Media. Persson Ekdahl personally controls 45 percent of the shares in Optimizer, so the sale is projected to net him around 250 million kroner.

The second major owner of Optimizer is Norrmann Andre Lavoid, who launched the gaming company Betsafe with Henrik Persson Ekdahl.

Betsafe was sold to Betsson in the spring of 2011, for several hundred million kronor.

The money from the Betsafe sale was reinvested into a number of different startups with a third partner. One such investment was made in Catena Media, which has since developed into a listed company valued at several billion.

As they sell half their holdings in Catena Media, the rest of their shares, currently worth about half a billion, will be kept for at least one year through a so-called lock-in agreement. According to Persson Ekdahl, this wrinkle confirms their status as long-term investors that support their picks as long as they can.

Henrik Persson Ekdahl expressed his pleasure at the prospect of the new shareholders in Catena Media, citing it as a positive development.

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