Holland Casinos closed until January

Holland Casino, the Dutch state-owned casino operator, has entered into a forced shutdown until 19 January 2021 in bid to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 over the festive period

Holland casinoDutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced this week that non-essential shops and businesses will close for five weeks following lockdown in November which included the shutdown of Holland Casinos. Despite these efforts, COVID-19 cases were still on the rise. Hence the effectiveness of this recent push back has been questioned.  

In light of the news, Holland Casino is set to remain closed until the 19th January 2021.  

Holland Casinos have been subject to lockdown three times at moment of writing; the first lockdown occurring in March 2020. 

Unlike the current trend, the land-based operator hasn’t expanded their offerings online due to delays to the organised launch of regulated igamingUntimely, this resulted in the operator experiencing massive financial losses as a result.  

It is reported that Holland Casinos’ turnover for the first half of 2020 fell 58.7% to €146.3m. 

Source: iGaming Business 

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