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How can affiliates keep up with casinos bonuses?

Exploring ways which could help us optimise the process...

Bonuses offered by online casinos are almost as common as the casinos themselves. Casino bonuses are arguably one of the most effective tactics for online casinos in terms of attracting new players and keeping them around. But there is quite a bit that goes into not only creating the bonuses, but making sure potential customers hear about them.

Affiliates are often responsible for reaching a wider audience to share information about casino bonuses. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as placing a link in an article and hoping for the best. For both the affiliates and the casinos, there is a lot more than goes into attracting new customers with casino bonuses.

Understanding Casino Bonuses

Online casinos use several techniques to attract new customers. One of the most common and effective ways to attract new customers is with casino bonuses. Casinos typically offer different types of cash and non-cash bonuses, most commonly when a player signs up for an account for the first time.

A welcome bonus, or deposit bonus, is quite simple. When you deposit a specific amount, the casino will credit your account with a particular amount, giving you more money to play with. For example, if the casino offers a 100% sign up bonus, if you deposit $100 upon signing up, the casino will give you another $100 to play with. There is just one catch: you have to wager a set amount before you are allowed to withdraw the bonus. This is known as a wagering requirement.

For example, before you are allowed to cash out, the casino may require you to bet 30 times the bonus amount. For a $100 bonus, you would have to wager $3000 before you can withdraw your money. That may sound a bit overwhelming, but keep in mind that bets are cumulative and you don’t have to wager the full amount in one sitting. Instead, each time you place a bet, it goes toward meeting your wagering requirement.

Other casinos will state their wagering requirements as a multiple of the sum of both the deposit and bonus. Some casinos will use this type of wagering requirement because it makes the requirement look lower than it is.

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While casino bonuses in general are in no way a trap or a tool used to trick players into signing up and spending their own money, they are a tactic used to attract new players. These days, it’s harder than ever to get new players to sign up. There’s more competition in the market and therefore more bonuses to compete with. A casino has to be able to offer an appealing bonus without forfeiting their ability to earn revenue.

That’s where affiliate marketing comes into play. Online casinos use affiliate marketing to ensure their bonuses are seen by more people, increasing their chances of signing up new players. Affiliate marketers use links on their own publications to advertise the offerings of an online casino, often sharing the bonuses available for new players. This technique is super effective with the right affiliates.

But when it comes to affiliates publishing information about casino bonuses, there is one major challenge: keeping their information up to date. It can do more harm than good if an affiliate markets outdated information on bonuses and incentives. So how can affiliates make sure they are sharing the most up to date information?

Ideas for Keeping Bonus Information Updated

For casino affiliates, it can become a major challenge to maintain a list of daily updated bonuses and ensure the information is always current. It is not only time consuming for affiliates, but can put a lot of pressure on managers to ensure their information is current so they can stay ahead of the competition. As the pressure continues to increase, affiliates are left hoping for a more convenient, less time-consuming, and supremely effective solution.

There are a couple of possible solutions that can minimise the amount of time spent manually updating the information on their sites. For one, affiliates could utilise an automated system to update links and information on each affiliate website.

Automated System to Update Information on Affiliate Websites

Automation isn’t new in the world of affiliate marketing. However, most often, automated systems are used to manage and analyse the effectiveness of a marketing program. For example, some affiliates may use an automated affiliate marketing machine to see exactly how many customers they have driven to a specific client, as well as how many didn’t follow through. For casino affiliates, an automated system would be particularly useful for casinos to update all of their affiliate websites simultaneously.

It may sound like quite the large undertaking, but given how common automation is these days, it’s not only possible but necessary. If one system could be used to update the information and links on every affiliate website, it would save hours of work and effort at the hands of affiliate marketers.

Future-Proof Evergreen Bonus Offers

A much easier solution, for both the casino and the affiliate websites, is to use future-proof evergreen bonus offers. It may not sound particularly appealing to online casino owners, but it follows the philosophy “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Once an online casino finds a bonus offer that effectively drives new traffic to their website and encourages new customers to sign up for an account, why change it? An online casino can stick with the same signup bonus, then offer further incentives to loyal customers. That way they offer a variety of bonuses to attract new players and keep them around. With the right bonuses, there is no need to continually update the bonuses themselves.

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