How can casinos and affiliates work to maximize player signups?

Casinos and affiliates, together in a mutually-beneficial relationship, consistently draw more players to gambling sites

Have you ever noticed how few advertisements you see for online casinos or poker websites? There is a good chance you have seen advertising for a brick and mortar casino, but advertising for online casinos and poker websites are far less common. So how are online casinos still able to sign up hundreds, sometimes thousands, of new players every month? It all comes down to how those online casinos and their affiliates work together.

What Are Casino Affiliate Programs?

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An affiliate program is a network of advertisers that strive to send more players to casinos. Typically, the program works through an agreement that guarantees the advertiser, or publisher, gets a commission or share of the casino’s profits, when they send a player to the site like The new player has to sign up for an account with that site and make a deposit for the advertiser to get credit.

There are several components that go into operating an affiliate program to ensure a casino affiliate is successful. The role of a casino affiliate is to act as the middle man between the online casino or poker site, and the casino. The affiliate saves the casino time and money by sending more players to their site, without the casino having to do the work themselves. The affiliates strive to send quality traffic to the online casino, which means they are sending people who are more likely to turn into customers.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Affiliate commissions are typically made on a cost per acquisition (CPA) or Revenue Share basis. Some smaller online casinos or sites may pay per lead, but consider how hard that can be to maintain, it’s a technique that is far less common.

For CPA payments, the affiliate is paid once the customer signs up and/or follows through on a specific action. For example, if VideoSpelautomater has a CPA arrangement with an online casino, they will get a particular amount when a lead that was directed from their site to a casino’s site, signs up, makes a deposit, and generates a specific amount in revenue for that casino.

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Online casinos typically have performance tiers for their affiliate programs as well. For example, if an affiliate signs up 10 players in a month, they could earn $50 per player for a total of $500. But once they sign up at least 11 players in a month, they can earn $75 per player. Because the amount is retroactive, the affiliate suddenly gets a lot more money ($825) just for adding one more player.

For affiliates, CPA payments are fast money because they are paid as soon as the customer meets the threshold. If they have the ability to send a lot of players each month, they can make a decent amount of money. Unfortunately, not all customers sent to the site are quality ones, which means they might not end up making much money, if any at all, for the casino.

Another way for affiliates to get paid is with revenue share. Affiliates that receive revenue share get a percentage of the revenue the casino earns from each player sent to the site by the affiliate, for the entire time the player is on the site.

Finding the Right Affiliates

For online casinos, every single move is carefully calculated to ensure the are no major setbacks or potential issues. Everything from the games featured to the payment methods in online casinos is chosen with long-term success in mind. So, when it comes to selecting affiliates for a successful affiliate program, how can an online casino be sure they’re finding the right ones?

There are numerous ways for an online casino or gambling site to make long-lasting partnerships with high-quality, dependable affiliates. Partnerships are often formed after executives or managers with an online casino come across information about an affiliate program in various media platforms. For affiliates looking to partner up, advertising your program is one the best and therefore easiest ways to get noticed.

Similarly, there are several affiliate conferences that take part throughout the year at various cities across the globe. The most popular affiliate conferences take place every year in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Malta. Affiliates come to these conferences to get the most up to date information about iGaming, legislation, and new techniques for improving their business. While there, most affiliates are hoping to make new deals with casino operators, which makes them a great opportunity for both affiliates and online casinos looking for affiliate programs.

In addition to where online casinos find the right affiliates, they have to pay close attention to what kind of affiliates they are considering working with. When choosing the right affiliate, it’s best to avoid those with conflicting interests, like sites that have already been promoting the sites of competitors. It’s also essential that the affiliates chosen make sense for the site their promoting. Blogs are often used as affiliates, but with millions to choose from, it’s okay to be selective when deciding which affiliates to partner with. Make sure they are trustworthy before depending on them to drive traffic to your site.

The Perks of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are beneficial because they create a partnership between two businesses that results in several advantages for both sides. The affiliates get payments and bonuses for sending players to online casinos, while the online casinos see an increase in traffic without having put forth a lot of effort or spend a lot of money on advertising. When done properly, the players targeted by affiliate marketing will have little idea that they are in any way involved in a sort of marketing campaign. For the customer, it’s about reaping the benefits of discovering yet another source of entertainment, regardless of how they came to discover it.

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