Feb 5 / 2018
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How Greyhound Racing Can Meet the Need for Short Form Betting Opportunities

Paul Witten, Product Director at SIS, believes the sport’s short-form content is the perfect fit for bettors looking for quick and easy betting opportunities

Consumer habits are changing at a faster rate than ever before with the proliferation of technological advancements in all areas of our lives. Consumers now demand and expect immediacy and simplicity with everything they do whether it is banking, grocery shopping or in their leisure time. Betting is no different, and bettors today are looking for frequent and relatively easy betting opportunities.

Short-form Betting for Shorter Attention Spans

The most obvious example of quick-fire sports betting is the wide range of in-play markets, which now outstrip ante-post wagering on big televised events such as football.

Like football, greyhound racing has been entertaining sports bettors both on course and in-shop for generations, particularly in its heartlands like the UK, Ireland, and Australia. Unlike a football match where there may be a relatively small number of betting spikes, greyhound races last around 30 seconds and occur every 8 to 10 minutes throughout the day, representing a significant opportunity for frequent and quick betting, which should resonate with today’s customers wherever they are in the world.

Results are also always known within a short, defined period of time, so there is never a need to wait on the outcome, for example, of the bet placed in the first minute of a game in the 90th minute. On greyhound races, the customer gets the satisfaction and thrill of an outcome quickly, and that means the whole engagement is positive.

Engaging the Masses

A great opportunity exists for operators and greyhound racing to also engage new audiences as it has all of the raw ingredients to appeal to them. The younger demographic may not have grown up with the live greyhound stadium experience or have seen greyhounds in betting shops, and may even be in a country with no cultural references to this type of racing.

Yet if operators and suppliers tackle this educational issue, I’m convinced that the sport and its short form betting opportunities will fit very well with the younger bettor.

Greyhound races are quick and simple to understand, there are always the same number of runners, the race distances and conditions are relatively constant and therefore, reading form is that much more straightforward which is why offering more of this type of short form content can lead to more people engaging with the sport.

Improving Stickiness

Content has been, and always will be king in the betting and gaming industry. Retail and online bookmakers are always looking for events which can not only fill schedules, but keep people within their retail outlets or actively engaged online.

Short form betting can provide an effective solution to this challenge, particularly with greyhound racing, as the short duration of the races means that much more can be shown across the day.

At SIS, we’re focused on maximising value for bookmakers by creating these events for greyhound and horse racing. Through the SIS Greyhound Service, races are shown every 8-10 minutes, which in turn increases well time on websites and inside betting shops.


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