How Important is an iGaming Domain?

Nowadays, starting a new business means starting a new igaming domain. That is obligatory, but some affiliates tend to promote their businesses without internet sites, though it usually appears less successful.

Basically, what is required to register a new domain is your own expertise, a field in which your domain is to be placed. It’s all about aiming for specific niche. If you’re a poker affiliate, try to find words that are specific and associated to your field: or

You may even try to concentrate on a specific market, the location of your business, different country or part of the world characterized with particular gaming trends. In this case you’ll need to address the location with accurate domain. It can be done by just adding proper TLD top-level-domain: .de (Germany),, etc. A precise TLD plays a crucial role in supporting to navigate the traffic and associate the site with specific location or market. The best TLDs are easy ones like .com, .org, or .net.

In different countries there are certain policies and regulations allowing full or limited promotional activity of iGaming products and services. Google is abiding any policies and some of domains may be accordingly banned to start in some countries.

For an affiliate to start a domain it is essential to distinguish several domain types:

-Keyword-only domains: the keyword becomes the domain of your site, e.g. Poker Affiliates Panama, the domain may be:

-Semantic domains: concentrate on general meaning, are not too detailed:

-Unusual domains: are usually associated with brands and are not adhered to any specific meaning:

-joint domains: different types of domains are mixed together:

It is strongly advised to the exact keyword-only domain, due to the fact it works better on SEO. In case the domain is occupied try to modify it by just simply putting some additional letters to the domain.

In order to become independent from any free domain servers which are merely reliable, buy your own separate domain.

Register your domain here:

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