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How to better market your slot games 

Choice is one thing that online casino players are not lacking when it comes to slots games    

Casino game lobbies are now packed with thousands of titles from hundreds of developers and studios. This is great for consumers, but causes no end of headaches for providers. 

With so much competition, studios are engaged in a constant battle to innovate and produce titles that stand out from their rivals and deliver a superior player experience. 

But even that is not enough – a developer can create a blockbuster game but if that game is not marketed correctly, operators and players will be unaware of its existence. 

So how can developers market their games to ensure they catch the attention of online casino brands as well as players? This requires a two-pronged approach – targeting both casinos and players with a range of marketing material. Here’s how it can be done. 


Operators read the trade press, and game developers can ensure their game releases are included in such publications by working with a PR agency. 

The agency will write and distribute press releases sharing news of your latest game launches, as well as position you as a thought leader in the area of slot development. 

That said, there are some drawbacks to traditional PR methods. 

Due to the sheer number of game developers in the market – most of whom use a PR agency – editors are inundated with news of game releases every day. 

In reality, only a handful ever make it as a news item in the magazine or on the publication’s website. Most just get included in a weekly launches round-up.  

As an extension of this, developers can pay to advertise in these publications and also sponsor the events and awards they host. But beware, this requires deep pockets. 

Other ways developers can market to operators include: 

  • Newsletters and bulletins 
  • Blog posts 
  • Social media 
  • Networking at conferences 

When it comes to marketing to players, game developers often have to rely on the casino operator to push and promote their games above their rival studios’. 

Again, operators have hundreds of new titles landing in their portfolios and have different agendas when it comes to the games they market the most aggressively. 

The same goes for game aggregators; in both instances a whole host of factors are taken into account (exclusivity, commercials, etc) when pushing one game over another. 

Of course, one of the most effective ways of marketing to players is via affiliates. Players trust affiliates who in turn can provide great exposure for new slot games. 

Affiliates will often write news stories about game launches, review the game and sometimes even interview a representative from the studio. 

Promoting new games via affiliates is not without its challenges, though. 

Compliance remains a key concern for operators and game developers, and controlling the information affiliates publish can be difficult. 

How First Look Games can help:

This is part of the reason why we launched First Look Games. 

We wanted to connect game developers and affiliates directly for the first time via a platform that allows studios to share information and assets with publishers. 

This is beneficial to both parties – affiliates can access images, graphics, game sheets, etc from a library while developers can ensure the information published is 100% accurate. 

The platform also allows qualifying affiliates to gain a “first look” at the assets for new slots two weeks before the game launches. 

This in turn allows them to create content and upload it to their sites, but keep it hidden until the game official goes live in operator portfolios. This brings tremendous SEO value. 

Affiliates are influential not just in helping players decide where to play, but what to play and this is why it is important for studios and publishers to work together. 

Of all the marketing channels available to game studios, affiliates are the most effective – both in terms of exposure and in terms of cost. 

What’s more, operators are working more closely with affiliates than ever before. 

They often rely on affiliates to keep them up to speed with the latest slot releases and how players are reacting to games in their forums. 

They then use this insight to help decide which games they list at the top of their game lobbies or run special promotions around. 

Connecting operators, developers and affiliates really is a win win for all stakeholders. 

To learn more about marketing your slots through First Look Games, click here

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