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How we saw the Nordic market as an opportunity for growth

Words by Kasper Møller, SEO Manager at Fable Media & Affiliates

For outsiders, the Scandinavian market has always had the reputation of being a tough market to enter. Their iGaming industry is no different. You have to arm yourself with patience and learn as much as you can. That way, you can start taking practical steps to ensure business growth in the industry.


SiGMA iGaming How We Saw the Nordic Market as an Opportunity for Growth Kasper Møller is a SEO Manager at Fable Media & Affiliates


Fable Media is a Danish company located in the heart of Copenhagen. The decision to enter our neighbouring markets was a pretty intuitive choice, geographically speaking. It was the logical step for a company that’s always been on the lookout for opportunities to grow. It also helped a lot that the majority of our employees were Danish and Swedish!

Our Experience: SEO and organic player traffic

In our main UK market, we built a comprehensive SEO strategy to facilitate and encourage organic player traffic. This strategy was based on two vital rules. First, we decided very early on that we wouldn’t compete with the biggest players in the industry for high-roller Hollywood keywords. And second, our company focus was to extensively research what the right gambling niches would be. What we looked for were profitable niches that weren’t too competitive or oversaturated, while still having a respectable volume.

Transferring our SEO strategy to our chosen Nordic markets was the next step. We had the local knowledge and mindset of Scandinavians, as well as financial security thanks to steady growth in our main market. All we needed was the right staff to execute our strategy and the journey would begin.

Building our own Recognisable local brand

We built our own brand, CasinoButler, as our flagship for the Nordic markets. Initially, we launched CasinoButler in Denmark and Sweden, so we hired Danish and Swedish country managers to be our main links to those markets. The mission was to write content, support the link builders, and steadily contribute to CasinoButler’s website growth.

Our success relied on several elements. One was to hire in-house content writers rather than external content companies. This allowed us to keep a constant focus on quality, and to structure every bit of content for the website.

Another element of success, and possibly the most important one, was that our brand was recognisable. Our users were able to understand what the website was all about from a single glance.

As you can see, building a good SEO strategy really relies on careful research and planning. Thanks to our experience in the UK market, we’d had our fair share of testing different SEO strategies and techniques. So we had a deep understanding of what works and what flops in this industry.

If you’re preparing to set up an affiliate site in the Nordic markets yourself, here’s what we would recommend:

  • Keyword and content research: partner up with people who know and understand the mindset of the Scandinavians. Search intent is everything and keywords don’t always translate literally from one language to another.
  • No room for bad websites: we’ve seen a lot of scam sites and phishing online, especially in Sweden. If your site looks a bit fishy, visitors will bounce.
  • Clean link-building plan: for a new site, it is important to keep your link-building clean and natural. Social profiles, partner testimonials, niche-relevant guest posting, etc. Keep the blackhat techniques for test sites and tier 2 link-building.

Buying into Sweden with an established brand

While setting up a new brand is a long-term strategy, buying an established brand grants you value and revenue in local markets instantly. After prospecting a lot of websites, Fable Media purchased Slotsify.com, a good and stable website with high potential. Slotsify also had an already proven strategy of ranking mid-to-hard keyword niches in Sweden.

Buying into a market with a secure SEO position opens up a lot of different opportunities. New and improved partner deals, expanding to new markets at a faster pace, just to name a few.

If you want to buy into a market with an established brand, then you have to have a subtle approach. You don’t want to make too many quick changes.

For example, if your link building suddenly doubles or triples in pace, chances are Google might start getting suspicious. And the same goes for your content strategy. The pace at which you upload blog posts and articles must remain somewhat consistent.

Your website volume should grow over time of course. You’ve just got to keep it at a balanced and steady pace. This goes for SEO actions, blog-overhauling, and player traffic.

Check out our latest events in the videos below:

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