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IBIA's report highlights an increase in suspicious betting

The International Betting Integrity Association's (IBIA) yearly report saw an increase in suspicious betting in Q3 due to the continuation of international sports

The International Betting Integrity Association's report stated that, currently, football and tennis are the main sports for irregular betting activities. The IBIA has reported a year-on-year increase of 52% in suspicious betting alerts in the third quarter of this year with Europe topping the list.

Reports show that a total number of 76 alerts were registered in the past three months, showing a spike from last year as 50 alerts were received in the same period in 2019, while there was a 31% increase when comparing the total numbers for Q3 2020 with those recorded for Q2 2020.
0 (3)-1Khalid Ali (pictured), Secretary-General at IBIA, said that the increase in the reports come as no surprise due to the continuation of many sports events, after the COVID-19 pandemic caused a halt to many sports fixtures and events for the first two quarters of the year.

The increasing numbers are also due to IBIA's growth as they have employed four new members to work within the association. This in turn, increases the association’s global market monitoring coverage. “IBIA will continue to work closely with key stakeholders on betting integrity issues and in related areas such as sports data collation and customer dispute resolution.”

The filed reports indicated that football and tennis each generated a total of 25 reports, which amounts to about 66% of the cases accounted for in the third quarter. 14 reports were also filed for eSports, with 7 for table tennis, 2 for both basketball and bowling and one report recorded for cricket.

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