Nov 28 / 2018
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ICO Battle winner announced

Quizando wins fiery ICO Battle

Cryptopay’s Erik Benz introduced six companies for the much-anticipated

SiGMA iGaming ICO Battle winner announced
Quizando co-founder, Wesley Ellul.

ICO Battle during the Blockchain Conference at SiGMA. Benz opened the battle discussing and applauding Malta’s efforts in improving the DLT space.

The battle was deliberated by an esteemed panel of judges, each one well-revered in the blockchain and crypto sector. Each ICO shared the aim of evolving the crypto world, however, one pitch stood out to the crowd more than others.

Quizando, the only ICO in the battle that actually won the overall competition. Quizando offers users a chance to put their general knowledge skills to the test or to host their own quiz using the company’s Quizcoin. Wesley Ellul, Quizando’s co-founder referred it as “the pub quiz in the online space.”

Meet the other companies who battled it out:

My Crypto Bank



Secure Crypto Payments


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