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iGaming Architecture and the Permeability of Change

Games, apps and information data are expected to be available and readily accessible at anytime, anywhere. Failure to provide a service quickly and effectively means unhappy users who will find somewhere better to access what they want, poor service will eventually result in no users. Everybody had better keep up with the pace that has been set by developers or risk being left in the dust!

But how will the igaming architecture change? Online gamblers expect that every bet placed is instantaneous and that every result is instantly available, they also need to know quickly what effect the result has for themselves. Just like online gamblers expect information immediately, online casino operators expect the same, vice versa, operators need to know the movement of VIPs around the site and ant problems that arise for them during their game play, thy also need to know when someone wins big or is cashing out large sums of money. This fast transfer of information to multiple recipients is only possible through the evolution of the architecture of games online, which has now become a multi tasking multi faceted structure able to host vast numbers of users and content and circulate information around in an instant.

Gaming architecture has evolved form slow, low bandwidth connection systems to be able to deal with more and more complex content as the internet improved alongside, both became able to sustain more traffic and operate more interactively, more individual elements can now be combined and worked into a single platform coexisting together with a centralised data flow that is accessible by everyone.

Getting data fast is only possible with a sound structure that is easy to maintain and update for operators and accessible and navigable for users, companies need to seriously consider the structure that they want to build in order to work to their best capabilities and not be left behind in the ever advancing online world. This is sometimes best achieved by outsourcing the task to more experienced companies who can advise on the best course to follow.

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