iGaming Business Industry in Malta

It has been assessed that Malta holds over 450 iGaming business companies which generate one of the biggest income to its economy and provide job opportunities for a huge number of workforce. People working for the industry are usually highly qualified as it is dictated by language requirements, thus not only natives are a part of workforce but many expats English, Italian, Spanish or German. As possessing language skilled workforce is the major asset for companies, marketing and it specialists are enlisted to be the most on demand ones and constitute the greatest part of the industry. Thanks to friendly iGaming policy and regulatory system the island strongly benefits from that by employing locals and supporting major economy.

Malta is “a green island” and a host country for many other outside boundaries companies. iGaming business companies set their offices on Malta to conduct financial operations. Usually it is a part or only a department and other components are located in other countries. Chains of bookmakers and companies that do sports betting or analyse results are a typical example. It is said that Malta is an economic hub for companies in Europe as the main operations and transactions are done here.

The salaries for IT workforce are absolutely above average, due to the fact that many companies locate on Malta their control and operating systems. The demand for qualified staff in this sector is huge and competetive. It has its positive impact on other industries. To keep up with the pace the salaries are rising to the level offered in iGaming industry.

The major part of businesses is located in St. Julian’s and Sliema, especially concentrating in Pacheville. There the biggest and most influential gaming companies are located. Other firms are based in Birkirkara or other towns like Portomaso where Tipico, one of the biggest employers on Malta, is hosted.

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