iGaming employment figures set to increase

The remote gaming industry in Malta currently employs about 8,000 people – employment figures that are expected to rise to 9,000 in the coming months. These figures were revealed by Parliamentary Secretary Jose Herrrea during a remote gaming seminar organized by the Chamber of Commerce.

Herrera said there are currently around 250 remote gaming companies operating from Malta and they share 400 license issued by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). The LGA is issuing an average of three licenses per month, following strict due diligence processes.

The spokesman added that in the past year there was an increase of 8% of the companies licensed by the LGA for remote gaming. Gaming accounts for 12% of the national Gross Domestic Product in Malta.

Chairman of the LGA, Joseph Cuschieri, said that Malta was the first country in Europe that has legislation on remote gaming. That was ten years ago. Malta is the envy of other countries in terms of remote gaming legislation and has a bright future before this sector.

He added that the reputation of Malta in the field of remote gaming is strong but we must continue to strengthen and better the system in order to maintain a competitive advantage. He reiterated that while the country enjoys a government that is “business friendly” and believes in the gaming industry, the LGA has started a process to renew the laws in this regard. By the end of this year there will be new regulations in the field of digital gaming, including in the field of digital games of skill.

Mr. Cuschieri reiterated that from March 1st, the LGA will start operating from Smart City.

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