iGamingSecurity ups-the-game with Phishing as a service (PhaaS)

Prevention is definitely better than cure!  

Phishing is the most prominent technique used by black hat hackers to penetrate an organisation. This delivery mechanism is then leveraged to perform further malicious actions that would generate them income in the form of ransom money or sales of stolen data on the dark web.  In the past few (COVID-19) months we have seen increased efforts and substantial improvements by these hackers in having phishing emails look quasi identical to day-to-day ‘normal’ operations emails.

At iGamingSecurity we offer awareness training whereby we train, educate and help implement SOPs - so that your workforce is up-to-date with latest threats and attacks and to get up to speed with the drill just in case a phishing email makes its way inside their mailbox.  In addition, we have stepped-up our Phishing as a Service.  This serviceline is gaining a lot of attention as it is an emulation of a phishing attack, obviously in an ethical manner, which exposes holes and vulnerabilities in an organisation.  We disrupted this space by offering this assessment / test as a Service not as an off-the-shelf product.  The service is flexible to fit various types and company sizes and their needs, and is backed by a proprietary toolset which we developed over the years.

Main risks of phishing attacks include losing data (such as your clientbase and login credentials), getting hackers gaining a foothold in your internal systems (which more often than not leads to larger attacks like APT), reputational damage and financial losses by frozen systems held ransom by hackers.

Francesco Mifsud, CTO “... Phishing attacks are extremely common and we have seen an incredible spike during the COVID-19 era.  As the COVID topic resonates with everyone, it has become extremely easy for malicious actors to target whomever they want. The working from home culture expedited by the pandemic has also lowered the bar for attacks as potential victims are not protected by layers of technical security measures they are used to when working from an office ”.

The staggered approach we take in delivering Phishing as a Service includes these steps: DISCOVERY > ANALYSIS > DESIGNING > TESTING > LAUNCHING > MEASURING > REPORTING > RECOMMENDATIONS.


Learn more about Phishing as a Service: https://igamingsecurity.io/phishing-as-a-service/


SiGMA website adds French as its 6th language:

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the addition of a 6th language to its website. Users can now find all content, including the SiGMA News website, in French. The latest addition to SiGMA’s portfolio of languages will run alongside the recently launched Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese content, and aims to cater to SiGMA’s wide portfolio of international events.

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