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iGathering20 returns to Valletta

Magazino Hall to host marquee event

After going on the road for the first overseas iGathering in Stockholm, the premier series of networking events is making its grand return to Valletta – more specifically the Magazino Hall. Finnplay, HiPay, iGaming Academy, NetShop ISP and XCM Exponential are coming together to host this elite event.

As always, the evening will be held at an elite venue. As iGathering20 returns festivities to Malta, the series’ commitment to showing guests a different side of the island continues. The Magazino Hall is a gem that was built in 1727, and many of the original features remain. It now stands as one of the best and most underrated spaces on the island.

Patrons will also be treated to a gourmet meal by an executive chef, to complement everyone’s networking game. iGatherings have been, and remain, one of the best means of creating connections in Malta’s iGaming sphere – that is because, and why, no expense is spared in making them truly memorable experiences.

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