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Imperial Play to accept CashBet Coin as payment solution

Demand on the rise for the user-friendly and secure cryptocurrency platform - Cashbet

The complete blockchain-powered iGaming platform, CashBet, has announced an agreement with Imperial Play. As part of this deal, Imperial Play will accept CashBet Coin (CBC) as a payment method on its social casino, The Steam Palace.

The CEO of Imperial Play, James Poole, commented:“At Imperial Play, we strive to provide the best user experience to our players around the world, and cryptocurrency integration is a huge step forward in this effort,” 

“CashBet Coin allows us to upgrade and improve our payment structure in a way that would not have been possible before.”

CBC, which is presently accessible in a public token sale, allows developers to deliver user-friendly, secure, and compliant payments for iGaming platforms. Since The Steam Palace is a social casino and not a real-money casino, it is not regulated nor is a license required.

The CEO of CashBet, Mike Reaves, added:“The Steam Palace is a perfect example of how CashBet Coin makes cryptocurrency integration a breeze for all our iGaming customers,” 

“CashBet Coin empowers not only real-money casinos, but social casinos as well. Imperial Play has come up with a unique and creative slot tournament app to attract new players around the world.  Adopting our popular CBC token as a payment method provides them with a way to drive a VIP experience and engage new audiences.”

Founded in 2012, CashBet is the only crypto-casino platform licensed by the world’s most reputable tier-one gaming jurisdictions. It is also the leading mobile-first iGaming platform, supporting more than 450 games. The platform delivers an iGaming experience that is user-friendly, secure, and compliant cryptocurrency payment solution.

The Steam Palace features an extensive range of games, letting players compete in real-life tournaments with hundreds of other players. Games are unlocked via success in tournaments rather than by the amount of credits spent. The Steam Palace is currently available on Google Play and the Apple App Store in Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand and will be rolled out globally in the near future.

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