Interview with Lars Knudsen from MBC Media

“Make sure you have some contacts to help you get started, as it’s a very special business and the road to success takes time if your alone and don’t know what you’re doing.” We met Lars Knudsen from MBC Media.

Hello Lars, hope you are well in this festive season?

Hey Marius, yeah I’m good and enjoying the summer and having some time to relax a bit and prepare for the rest of the year that’s gonna be very busy.

How did you come to enter the online gaming space and set up your company?

Well I met some guys in the business 5-6 years ago at a trip to Malta and became good friends with them. At that point I had some other companies in complete different business areas then gaming and affiliate marketing, I had a cleaning company, app and web development company based in Kiev, Ukraine and a company that organized football trips to England. I have always been driven by doing business, setting up companies. After knowing these guys for some years and started attending some conferences I got more and more fascinated about this business that just keeps growing all the time. I did some heavy thinking and I found out that this is the business that I want to work in. With some help from my friends in the business introducing me some people things just took off very fast. And I don’t regret it one second !

Can you tell us a little about how your company business is structured?

Yeah no problem, when I found out that this is the business I want to work in I put all my resources in this business and chose to close my other 3 companies so I could put all my energy and focus in this fascinating business. But being the entrepreneur that I am my business is structured around two things, email and SMS marketing and delivering hosting/email solutions to other affiliates. I work with different partners on the email and affiliate part where I monetize there data list and handle all there daily sendouts. I started out doing email marketing which is still my main business area, but i soon realized that myself and many other affiliates have problems with the technical setups at reasonable prices and someone who can help with this for those who have no technical knowledge. So I started doing a lot of research in different software platforms, servers and how to optimize this part of the business that is most important thing to run a successful affiliate business. After some hard work and research I found a good setup where we made a setup with an all inclusive solution, so all you have to do is just login and start sending ! An easy solution for affiliates in the business that have no knowledge about this part and we specialize in affiliate marketing and everyday work on improving delivery and to optimize sales through our platforms.

With the recent wave of consolidation, mergers and acquisitions of affiliate sites, are you surprised at all of the changes happening in the industry?

No not really, I think it’s a logical process that’s happening in the business at the moment. This business is growing all the time and at some point you have to realize that combining your strength with others will optimize your business and also give new possibilities on a market that is very competitive, and only the strongest will survive in the long run.

What will be your primary focus on this front over the next 6 months?

Over the next period I will be focusing on finding more partners to monetize there data and handle there daily sendouts instead of it not being used. There is a lot of quality data out there that people don’t know what they should do with it and how to turn it into a good profit.

Which markets do you focus on and do you see any potential in the emerging markets ?

My main focus with affiliate marketing is in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and United Kingdom. But I see many good potential markets that are growing and have big interest, I just need to get the data for these countries to get going.

How do you find Scandic markets and competition?

I think the Scandic market is the the best market I work in, and therefor where my main focus in based. It’s a very good and interesting market that always delivers good results. That also has a mayor impact on the competition, its getting harder, and you have to keep a good feeling with the market to keep growing and make results.

What is the main thing that you’d like SiGMA readers to know about your business?

I think they should know that my business is not just an ordinary affiliate business, I keep in touch with the market and whats happening all the time. I also have a high knowledge in email marketing and how to optimize this part to get greater results and always on the look for more partners as my business is always growing.

What do you see as the biggest challenges ahead for your business and the wider affiliate sector in 2017?

The biggest challenges is without a doubt the laws and regulations that keep impacting the market and what we do. It will only get harder and more regulated in the future and we have to find out how to keep going strong.

What two pieces of advice would you give to any new affiliate starting today?

First advice I would give is make sure they have some contacts in the business to help them get started, as it’s a very special business and the road to success takes time if your alone and don’t know what your doing.

Second advice I would give is to make sure you have quality data, without this its hard to make a profitable business out of it, and good data does not come cheap, maybe find a partner that can help you get started as I did.

Do you play slots and what would you do with 1 million Euro from jackpot winnings?

I do play some slots, I always test out the sites of the brands I work with before I promote them. In that way i get a feeling of the concept and games they have so I know what I am promoting.

I would invest some of it in my business to make it grow even bigger and also invest some money in other companies within this business. The rest I would properly spend on travelling and enjoying life.

Are you ready for Affiliate Grand Slam and SiGMA17?

Yeah I am very much looking forward to these two upcoming events. The Sigma conference is the best within this business area and has kept growing the last many years and attracts the best people working in the gaming industry.

Relive the highlights and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.
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