Interview with NoDepositKings

Courtney Gilmore speaks to SiGMA about what makes NoDepositKings stand out from the crowd.

Tell us a little bit about the brand NoDepositKings... how did it all start?

I have always loved playing all sorts of games online, including slots. I usually looked for no deposit offers to try out a casino before I deposited my own money. I am lucky that I am quite tech savvy, so I started playing around with my own blog in my spare time, mostly documenting stuff like food, my holidays and fashion. When I started noticing that some of the affiliate sites were publishing outdated bonus offers, I thought I’d give my own site a try. That was five years ago and I now do this full time with three permanent staff members.

How do you manage to monetize your brand and your online presence effectively?

We earn affiliate revenue from our casino partners, mostly through hybrid and CPA (Cost per Acquisition) deals.

What aspect of your company are you most proud of?

Two things make us most proud: the percentage of return visitors we receive and the time they spend on-site. These two metrics are extremely high when compared to our competitors. We monitor these two indicators very carefully.

How do you differentiate yourselves from the competition?

We live by the mantra of freshness and accuracy. People want new offers, and they want to know that when they visit the casino, the offer is still valid and they will have no issues when claiming the bonus. We spend a lot of effort making sure this is the case. This builds trust, which is critical in this market.

What do you anticipate as the biggest challenge to affiliate marketing going forward?

There are many. Firstly, in regulated markets compliance will place an even larger burden on smaller affiliates that cannot afford a full-time compliance officer. Secondly, we are also seeing more and more operators competing with affiliates. They either build their own affiliates sites or they acquire affiliates. Along with the Super affiliates, they will become tougher to compete against.

What are your future goals, short-term and long-term?

Short term, our goal is to keep growing the site in our existing markets. Our medium-to-long- term goal is to establish a very firm foothold in foreign language markets, primarily in Europe, as well as in certain Asian markets.

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