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“Nothing in the affiliate world happens overnight, so I also recommend working patiently from day to day without resorting to black hat techniques and other questionable methods and your perseverance will eventually be rewarded.” We met Tero Lipponen, the Owner of

Hello Tero, how are you? 

Hi Marius, thanks for asking, everything’s great and it’s finally summertime in Tallinn.

How did you come to enter the online gaming space and set up your company?

I previously worked as a slot supervisor at a bricks and mortar casino for 13 years, during which time I got to know a lot of players. They were aware of my interest in casino games and started sending me pictures of their big wins by phone. The pictures were just in my phone, and I thought that maybe others would also be interested in these big wins, so I launched the website and started posting photos and videos on the site. That’s how the site was originally born, and today it has almost 19,000 photos and over 1,100 videos.

Can you tell us a little about how your company business is structured?

At the moment the company has one full-time employee in addition to myself. I also use the services of a freelance programmer and graphic artist whenever necessary.

A number of your competitors have gone down the real money operator route, and tried their hand at white labels. Have you also done this?

So far I haven’t been tempted to go in this direction. The competition on the online casino market is fierce, and it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd. It’s no longer enough to open a casino, offer bonuses, and put up your feet and wait for money to come pouring in from every door and window. I have been entertaining some ideas and new approaches to online gaming, and if at some point I have a decisive eureka moment, I don’t consider it out of the realm of possibility that I might also enter this business at some stage.

Developing unique content is a key pillar of your strategy. What will be your primary focus on this front over the next 6 months?

We are currently working on improving the mobile experience of the site, given current demands that is our priority number one. We are also looking to enhance the browsability of the site and have come up with new ways to increase its interactiveness.

How do you find Scandic markets and competition?

The Scandinavian market is very competitive and at the same time one of our most important markets. Finland, Sweden and Norway have very high quality websites and it’s very easy to find information about casinos and games. I totally understand that there is aggressive competition to land the Scandinavian players, because the quality of players in these countries is very good.

How have Google’s algorithm updates affected the way you go about traffic generation, SEO and content at your company?

From day one, our site has been built around unique content, and we have never bought traffic or content. We follow Google’s updates closely, but at least so far we are unaware of any negative repercussions. The basic techniques of staying relevant in Google’s eyes have not changed, so by doing things right we will get the required visibility.

Are there any exciting plans in the works that you can tell us about?

We’re renewing the player profile feature on our site, after which people who have sent us pictures will be able to find all their pictures in their own profile, as well as see stats including biggest win, average bet, total wins, etc.

What is the main thing that you’d like SiGMA readers to know about your sites?

Although there’s no denying that in the long run the house always wins in casino gaming, our website hosts a vast amount of evidence supporting our slogan “You can’t lose every time” so go check it out to see how players have scooped payouts from various games.

What do you see as the biggest challenges ahead for your business and the wider affiliate sector in 2017?

The biggest challenge by far is the increased competition, which is something you just have to live with. Today it’s not enough to compete with other sites, but you also have to compete with dozens of really good streamers, who produce quality content on a daily basis.

What two pieces of advice would you give to any new affiliate starting today?

In this climate of increased competition, the concept for the site should be something novel and directed at a smaller slice of the gaming sector. A new site in its infancy is going to have a hard time being good at betting, slots, poker, table games, etc. and instead only be able to cover these areas superficially. Nothing in the affiliate world happens overnight, so I also recommend working patiently from day to day without resorting to black hat techniques and other questionable methods and your perseverance will eventually be rewarded.

Do you play slots and what would you do with 1 million Euro from jackpot winnings?

Slots have been my passion for as long as I have been of legal gambling age (and maybe even before that). I play almost every day and aim to try as many new slots from different manufacturers as I can to stay on board with what’s happening in the world of slots. If I hit a one million dollar jackpot, I’d probably invest in real estate and go on a long vacation somewhere warm, provided that there would also be a nice, 24/7 casino nearby

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