INTRALOT Purchases Remaining 65% of Bit8

The INTRALOT Group signed a Share Purchase Agreement with INTRALOT Global Holdings BV, to purchase the remaining 65% of Bit8

The INTRALOT Group has already invested in the Malta-based company in 2015. Bit8 is an established company within the gaming industry and well-known for its award winning gaming platforms, which have been tested by the market. Additionally to that, the company owns a large portfolio of international customers and provides hosted and stand-alone solutions.

To develop INTRALOT’s new platform for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), PULSE, the strategic teams of the respective companies have been working together closely. There will be two versions available, one for the Players and one for the Retailers, which work together seamlessly to extend the value delivered to Players and Operators.

Antonios Kerastaris INTRALOT’s GROUP CEO stated: “I am very excited to complete the acquisition of Bit8 by INTRALOT at the end of a two-year joint product development partnership that has secured for INTRALOT, among other benefits, PULSE, a world-class CRM system.

 PULSE has become a major pillar of our Digital Transformation strategy for Lottery Modernization and a strategic asset in our product portfolio. Bit8 today becomes a full member of the INTRALOT family, carrying enormous promise for future growth and product development by playing an important role in the successful deployment of our “All About the Player“ product design strategy.”

Angelo Dalli, Founder of Bit 8, will still stay in the Board of Directors at Bit8. He will be providing strategic advice for further development, thus he stated: “I am thrilled for the success of our cooperation with INTRALOT and today’s development that promises to bring a new cycle of growth, portfolio enhancement, and international recognition for Bit8. Like every Founder who has worked hard for the creation of a successful company I am proud about the company’s evolution and look forward to our future cooperation to reach new targets.”

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