"It's hard to be really unique as a product, so we try to add some originality to our players' experience." - Greenspin.bet

In this interview, Andrei Rizvash CEO of Greenspin.bet, gives SiGMA News a brief overview of the company’s products and their upcoming projects

1. What makes Greenspin.bet unique?

Well, in this market it's hard to be really unique as a product, so we try to add some originality to our players' experience.

Among the recent add-ons we added our bonus shop where players can buy bonuses, including non-deposit ones, for points that they earn by making bets. There's also the weekly lottery, people love it - this is all to add a more of a "gambling" feeling to the regular casino games.

We are working on the alternative payment system which is so far a top secret! 

But in a few words, some players are already able to process their payments with Samsung pay, and soon there will be PayPal, Apple Pay and other "mainstream" options.

And above all, GreenSpin.bet is an eco-friendly casino, it has always been that way, this is reflected in its design, we are involved in charity and ecological activities, and we also believe that gambling can be normal, even so can be a healthy activity for some people who organically need to feel the risk, the gamble. Not all can go to wild jungles or start a business venture, there are people who just need to add some spices to their everyday life, and the gambling industry helps them.

2. Tell us a little bit more about the markets you operate in, do you have plans for the future to operate in different markets?

Our target markets with fiat currencies are: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Ireland and others.

With crypto payments, we can accept players almost worldwide, except for several prohibited markets.

Our plans are simple: first of all, we are getting prepared to enter the LatAm market, one of the biggest and the richest, including Brazil.

And secondly, we are aiming to cover more Asian, American, African countries with crypto payments, as their popularity is rapidly rising nowadays.

3. How can affiliates benefit from using Greenspin.bet?

We offer traditional revenue share up to 50% with no negative carryover.

In our company, we have both the casino brand and some affiliate sites, and it helps us to understand both sides perfectly, and at the same time be more realistic.

CPA doesn't pay off on short and middle distances, it can be profitable for big brands with a three-year marketing strategy and huge budgets.

We are a young casino, it means that we prefer win-win deals with our affiliates, it also means that we are more attractive for players, more up-to-date in terms of marketing and customer relations, more profitable for our affiliates because they can get their databases fully converted into FTDs on GreenSpin. And of course, we are very humble.

For affiliates from SiGMA, we offer a free €500 for every affiliate who brings 20 and more FTDs during the first month after registration.

We also send real gifts and postcards, because we just love our affiliates.

4. What is your vision on the industry you operate in?

Well, the mainstream vision of the industry is that it gets more regulated, more ordered etc. But I think there are other tendencies as well. We all know for instance, that the Swedish players register on Curacao operated casinos more and more often because the Swedish regulating authorities are literally killing the industry in Sweden with all their limitations and unbearable conditions for both brands and players. I think the industry will soon be divided into the local licensed operators including the whales and the government owned sites and wide non-regulated and half-regulated area, so it'll basically return to its roots.

Casinos and services based on cryptocurrencies which can hardly be regulated despite all efforts made by the authorities are already a separate segment of the industry. And this gap will be getting bigger every year.

5. Every success story comes with failures and lots of hardwork, was there a time when you failed at something you tried?

There was a funny story of how I tried to open an online school. That was an idealistic idea based on the inspiring experience of Coursera and Udemy. The main idea was that everyone can teach others something she or he can do well, and make money on conducting live online classes.

I invested some money and created the platform, and then was a long period of negotiations with the teachers from multiple areas, from yoga to microbiology.

On the day X, just one of ten teachers who were supposed to conduct the classes turned up online to the students. I still have this idea in mind, but now I'm much more focused on building a responsible and reliable team, because the human factor can fail an entire idea - or make it work.

6. Tell us a little bit more about your experience in the industry, do you have any success stories you are proud of?

AndreiBesides gambling, I have some business background in the adult webcam industry, and I believe that adult cams are now at the forefront of technological progress with their high-res streaming and virtual reality, the same way as online gambling pushes forward the internet marketing in total.

Most of all, I'm really proud of two of our projects: GreenSpin and GOA.so, and of their incredible teams.

GOA.so is a multi-brand marketplace for casino bonuses where brands and affiliates meet, and brands can both get new players and make money as affiliates as well. The whole idea is a bit revolutionary, and some brands don't even believe us when we explain the business model the first time. But it works well, and bring more brands and affiliates every week.

We are aiming to add such features as unified registration, new currency designed for paying in casinos, and much more, soon.

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