Jul 16 / 2018
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Karolina Pelc makes Most Influential Women 2018 list

First three women to make iGaming Business Most Influential Women 2018 list revealed

iGaming Business has released the names of the first three individuals on its list of top ten women in iGaming Business. Amongst them was Karolina Pelc, Casino Director at LeoVegas.

sigma igaming Karolina Pelc makes Most Influential Women 2018 list
iGaming Business has released the first three on its list of top ten women in iGaming Business.

Pelc has held the reins at LeoVegas – managing LeoVegas’ casino product and operations department, for more than three years. Her efforts were given further recognition when LeoVegas picked up awards for Best Live Casino and Best Mobile Product earlier this year.

Speaking to SiGMAgazine, Pelc spoke about some of the issues currently facing women in the iGaming industry, saying that one issue facing women is “a lack of mentorship – where women already successfully holding senior roles could guide their less experienced peers, not only to succeed but to do it while maintaining the right work-life balance”.  She has a ‘strong character’ and knows what she’s after but expressed her concern that “women who aren’t that confident might end up suffering a gender pay gap – it’s a big issue that the industry needs to address.”

Rounding off the top three is Britt Boeskov, Chief Programme Officer at Kindred and Paula Cara Farcas, CTO at Colossus Bets.

 The list is the first of its kind from iGaming Business and aims to redress the balance, especially in light of this year’s gender pay gap reporting which revealed that women remain under-represented at the upper tiers of the business.

The remaining seven names on the list will be revealed in two further instalments online at a later date.

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