Kindred focuses on start-up communities across Europe

The newly rebranded Unibet Group now called Kindred Group, will see a subsidiary company, the Kindred Futures expand their involvement with start-up communities all over Europe. Their goal is co-create future value propositions by seeking mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

The company’s idea is to collaborate with start-ups who’s fields and expertise are data privacy, augmented reality, content marketing, cyber security, artificial intelligence and responsible gaming.

They plan to cooperate with start-ups in London, England; Stockholm, Sweden and Tel-Aviv, Israel to establish unique ways in which customers can interact with the different products and brands Kindred offers.

Kindred’s internal expertise and data will be available to partners that sign up to the new scheme along with the groups marketing teams which have a reach of over a million customers.

Head of Kindred Futures Will Mace had this to say:

“There is so much opportunity in the gambling industry to transform the experience we offer our customers – it’s a very exciting time for us to work with partners to explore new ideas and discover new sources of value.

“We are keen to look at any great new idea or opportunity – the more transformative the better.

“We believe we have a lot to offer potential partners and thus this is a genuine commitment to do something valuable for both parties.

“At Kindred Futures, our model is as much about giving as it is taking; we are on equal turf.”

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