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Kindred Group contemplates use of AI to uncover problem gamblers

Kindred Future, the innovative arms of Kindred Group (formerly known as Unibet Group) recently co-hosted a roundtable session in conjuncture with Karmarama and The Friday Club earlier this month in London. Their aim was to explore the opportunities of how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in order to aid in recognizing patterns in player behavior and thus be able to spot developing problems for an earlier and more effective intervention.

The Kindred Group sees themselves as leaders in the responsible gaming space and has been recognized in this area with numerous industry awards, always aiming to be ahead of regulatory demands.

Kindred Futures opened up the roundtable discussion between leading academics, addiction psychologists, technology pioneers and Kindred’s team of responsible gambling experts. They focused on the value of AI in modeling behaviors and changes in behaviors throughout a period of time to assess whether a player is developing a gambling problem or not. Early detection of gambling problems greatly improves the positive results of an intervention to successfully prevent a destructive gaming pattern.

Although many critical factors were identified in previous research on gambling addiction like the player stakes, the time they play for and their methods of depositing money, it is not a clear cut science as each individual differs. Concerns with false negatives and false positives arose where some problem players may be missed and other players flagged that do not have a problem despite the complexity of the machine learning and the validity of the score it provided.

Head of Kindred Futures, Will Mace stated: “This was a fascinating discussion, bringing together experts from several different fields. The outcome was very encouraging – we agreed there was significant potential for an AI capability to bring together and analyze many data sources to give a much-improved ability to detect signs of a developing problem. We also agreed there was real value in doing this – both socially and commercially.”

Kindred Group continues their research into machine learning and AI to complement their proprietary system PS-EDS (Player Safety Early Detection System) in hopes of monitoring and preventing problem gambling in the future.

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