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KSA continues push for responsible gambling

Cruks will create a safe environment for players since operators will need to show compliance to obtain their licence

According to an official report by the KSA, The Dutch gaming authority, will start the operation in which providers will be able to test their connection to the Central Register Exclusion Gambling (Cruks).

The Central Register Exclusion Gambling is a platform were players will be able to add themselves or be added by a provider. Cruks will then determine whether the player is fit for purpose. Basically, if a user registers for the first time ever or wants to enter a land-based casino, they must enter their BSN (public service code). If the players code shows up on the self-excluded players list then the player will not be allowed to enter the casino or play online.

This tool is a significant mechanism that will create a safe environment as operators will need to Responsible gambling | SiGMA Newsshow compliance to obtain their licence, as any operator that acquires an online gambling licence will need to incorporate Cruks into their system by September 2021.

The operator will then need to check if the player is registered to Cruks before they could play online games. If the player has not registered to Cruks, they will be denied access to the game on offer.

This is another step towards responsible gambling in the Netherlands. Back in October, the KSA supported the removal of gaming machines from family arcades in order to control underage gambling.

Lastly, the Dutch government also targeted Curacao for structural reform due to the island's operators constantly targeting Dutch gamblers. This pushed the Dutch government to withhold any economic relief packages until Curacao agree to all the requests, which they have since done.

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