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LCB makes move to new domain

Casino affiliate makes transition to LCB.org

LatestCasinoBonuses.com has transitioned to new domain, LCB.org. The official switch took place on August 20, 2018.

In the 12 years since its launch, casino affiliate, LCB (LatestCasinoBonuses.com), advanced to become a network of sites. LatestBingoBonuses.com, LatestPokerBonuses.com, LatestSportsBonuses.com and CasinoSlots.com followed and eventually led to major acquisitions including GamesandCasino.com, WizardofOdds.com, WorldCasinoDirectory.com and many more.

LCB also approaches its one-year anniversary since the September 2017 acquisition of Affiliate Guard Dog.

Why the move from .com to .org?

The site has always been known simply as ‘LCB’ by its members and team. With 21 network sites, the initial one-page website that was born in 2006 has seen its fair share of success and now that it’s a huge iGaming affiliate network, has taken the next steps in branding.  Gambling Gurus was the latest portal acquired by the network earlier this year.

sigma igaming  LCB makes move to new domainBoasting 2 million monthly visitors, LCB’s pages of content, which are approaching 7,000, are invaluable to online gamblers and industry professionals alike. Over 1,000 casino reviews break down every aspect of an operator from its promotions to game selection, withdrawal process and anything else a potential player would expect to learn.

Just before they rang in the new year, LCB’s forum reached 100,000 members. In addition to swapping gambling experiences, players can connect with casino representatives.  Nearly 500 online casino reps are registered, willing and able to answer questions or assist the forum community with any issues that arise.

Direct from the members!

The community is loyal to LCB and are excited and accepting of the domain change. Here are some of the comments:

“Every time I wanted to recommend LCB to someone I was using the abbreviation LCB. I found it easier and catchy rather than using the whole name. It's been finally made official. Great move. Congrats.”

“LCB an organization, hmmm, has a nice ring to it, lcb.org. LCB has come a very long way, in such a relatively short time. LCB does some really great things for its members. Sometimes I think we all take it for granted, I mean, all the things that are right here at our fingertips and for free. It is nice to know that each and every member, like myself, has helped make lcb.org bigger and better than the day before. You all, are the very best and make us proud to be members. Congrats lcb.org!”

Check out our latest events in the videos below:

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