Leadership and Development: Could this propel your career the next mile?

There are a few experiences in our lives that will remain vibrant throughout the years, experiences that mark our character, formation and eventually, the paths we follow. As a kid, boarding an airplane was one of those heightening experiences and I recall every moment of that very first flight. The welcoming smiles of the on boarding hostesses, the sparkling environment, the scent in the cabin, the punctuating voice of the captain and the actual lift off! Who doesn’t remember his first flight?  

The induction program at Tipico is very much like that first flight, this time taking off your career to a whole new level. Whether you are a veteran of the industry with many bets under your belt or a new comer, this induction program will take you through the ABCs leading you into our culture as a group, what excites us and how you can be a great player in this large ecosystem of fantastic talent. One day, you may even be the captain… let’s board.

Once a month we shall touch base with the structure of our business, what has made it a leading company in the market as well as the different departments that make up our community. This is meant to be an orientation that much like that first flight, gives you direction, enthusiasm and momentum in your career.

Tipico prides itself in offering bespoke training of leadership and development to all our members because we understand this simple principle; what makes you different makes you a great contribution to our team and we would like to channel that energy in the best way possible to develop it further. Talent is much like your desire for travel, you need to nurture with new experiences that are tailored to your needs. This ensures you get the trip of a lifetime even at work. Our training and conferences budget is tasked with doing just that, upskilling and supporting your existing skillset empowering you and keeping you relevant to what is happening in the industry ensuring career progression.

SiGMA16 Expo

Tipico Careers stand at SiGMA16

“Feeling stuck where you stand today, not sure what’s in store tomorrow? Our bet is that you lack career progression in your current job because it is not a planned journey. We seek to enhance your soft skills, making collaboration second nature, boosting stake holder management ability and hone your negotiation skills which will take you places! Speaking of places, do you know about our Exchange Program?

We believe the world is our playground and our growing presence in Germany, Malta, Gibraltar, Croatia and Colombia offers these unique opportunities to grow on an international level within the safeguards of our ecosystem. Over a week that you spend there, seize the opportunity to get to know colleagues from other departments, share knowledge with them as well as getting an inside view in their daily business. That’s similar to that first time you step into the pilot’s cabin and look out of the cockpit. Breath taking isn’t it? You may not get a 10,000ft view at our Tipico shops but it could be an invaluable experience to propel your career to new heights, build your role in our community and change your daily environment. Twenty nine employees have already done so, could you be next?

If you’re new to the industry and have a passion for learning and challenging yourself, our dedicated training programs will turn you into a wizard of odds, bets, heads and tales juggling risk and enabling you to assess situations through our knowledge and training powerhouse.

Communities need talented leaders to keep them together. As experience shows, people leave managers not companies. At Tipico, we promise you shall grow into a better manager. By monitoring your progress and proffer a healthy mix of inhouse and external training, we are confident to keep you hooked onto what you enjoy best while growing other members of the team in fantastic prospective managers like yourself!

Hundreds of talented people have on boarded our flight to propel themselves to new heights. With this compelling list of tailor made programs, what could be in store for you over the next few months? Find out more on www.tipico-careers.com

Tipico Careers will exhibit at SiGMA17. Don’t miss a chance to meet their team and register today:

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.
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