Leadstar Media continue their expansion as they launch in India

We spoke to Leadstar Media about their continued growth and their latest venture into one of the betting industry's most exciting markets

The Leadstar Media team are not one for complacency. This year alone they have launched sites in the US, Spain and Brazil. Now, with two new comparison sites, Leadstar have established themselves in the thriving Indian market.

"India has a population of 1.34 billion people and there is a huge interest in gambling, so we were always interested in the market" explains Eskil Kvarnström, the CEO and co-founder of Leadstar Media explains. "But it's when we started to see a lot of traffic to our sites from India that we saw there was a real need for a betting comparison site tailored for the Indian market."

Leadstar Media have now launched two Indian sites mybetting.in and mycasino.in. The former focused on comparing sports betting sites, and the latter focused on casinos sites. "We understood that it was difficult for Indian customers to find trustworthy sites where they were able to deposit and withdraw" explains Jacob Ljungren, the Product Director at Leadstar Media " that's why our sites lay out all this information alongside reviews and guides to help our Indian visitors pick the right betting site for them".

MyBetting.in launched in India

Betting in India remains a grey area. As it stands, online betting is the only way to gamble in most of the country which has led several large international brands such as bet365 to launch Indian sites. "The unique situation in India meant it was more important than ever to marry our international experience with local knowledge," explains Jacob Ljungren.

The formula seems to be working for the team at Leadstar Media, who have accumulated an impressive portfolio of sites. They recently launched their second US-based site bettingscanner.com and show no signs of slowing down. " We feel energized, as long as we can keep bringing value to our customers and operators then we will keep expanding," says Eskil.

For the team at Leadstar Media, being able to learn about the different markets is something that excites them. According to Eskil, the staff are also thriving by working in such diverse teams. "You can hear all sorts of languages in the office, and we learn so much from each other, now I am trying to understand cricket!".

It is a period of significant growth for Leadstar Media, and their expansion into India is an indication that they believe there is real value in the market. "We would never have launched in India, if we didn't see a big opportunity," says Jacob. " we could have launched in India earlier, but we wanted to create the perfect product, and that meant learning everything there is to know about the Indian market and finding the right people".

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