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Learning and Evolving Through Data

Data collected about online users is fundamental in learning how users interact with online content and once we understand how users behave with existing content we can make more educated predictions about future behaviour and suggestions of how to improve this existing content as well as make decisions about any new content.

iGaming and social gaming operators both use the data that they collect from users to make decisions about a lot of things including web content, structure, aesthetics etc. Here the social gaming companies come to an advantage over iGaming operators because they deal with larger numbers of users everyday, over 80 million people at least, play social games everyday, this compares drastically with the modest haul iGaming operators deal with at around tens of thousands of users a day.

Collecting information about almost all of the users activity and of such a huge number of users, social game operators have so much information to deal with that it requires a dedicated team and advanced architecture behind the software in order to deal with the masses and make the most of the information, iGaming companies will have to be ready to evolve physically as well as technologically in order to catch up.

Small changes can have a massive impact, sometimes with unintended results, with a larger user base and records about player history and behaviours it is easier to take an ideal sample of users to try out the small changes and test their effectiveness and how much users like or dislike them before implementing the new changes for the majority. More research and records of data can help with designing and adapting changes and content, the more data held and considered at important times like this, the more likely that the changes made will be beneficial to everyone involved and will enrich the user experience rather than diminish it.

Social gaming and casinos handle a lot more information about users than a lot of other online operators, they use the data to help tailor content and make decisions regarding changes to user experience, many iGaming operators need to learn more about their existing user base in order to evolve their current games and rejuvenate the industry, following the lead of social casinos that have forged ahead by using the masses of data they collected.

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