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LGA Malta Pays Visit to President

The Executive Chairman and staff of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (Lga) paid a kindness visit to H.E. Dr George Abela at San Anton Palace on Friday, sixth December, 2013

The Lga’s Executive Chairman Mr Joseph Cuschieri thanked the President of Malta for the welcome and affirmed that the Authority as in past years is conferred to gather gifts for Istrina 2013 from its licensees.  Mr Cuschieri informed H.E. Dr George Abela on the Authority’s mission to push dependable gaming, to shield the players’ investment and to secure the helpless and minors and in addition the Authority’s nonstop exertion to offer again to social order.  Mr Cuschieri advertised the approaching start of the Responsible Gaming Foundation where a rate of the returns gathered from licensees will be exchanged to this establishment to fund mindful gaming activities.

President George Abela thanked the staff of the Lga for their work commitment expressing that Malta’s profile has profited because of the administrations division specifically the fiscal and gaming segments.  President Abela illustrated the hugeness of the Community Chest Fund to our social order which gathers a huge number of Euro in gifts, and produces income from activities, for example, Istrina, the offer of books Tisjir plant Qalb which sold 45,000 duplicates in the most recent four years, the President’s Charity Fun Run and Rockestra.  H.e. the President said that in the not so distant future was a record year for the President’s Charity Fun run as more than 14,600 members participated in the not so distant future occasion.

Besides, the President noted that since January 2013, 2.9 million Euro has been given to numerous Ngos from the Community Chest Fund.  The President of Malta specified a moderately new activity Dar Kenn ghall-Sahhtek which was established in 2012 to have patients experiencing dietary issues specifically weight and anorexia.

Whilst wanting to enjoy all that life has to offer to the Lga staff and their particular families, the President of Malta, welcomed the staff for high tea accompanied by a tour of the as of late restored Presidential Palace.

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