Living in a World of BoDog eat Dog

In the beginning his live’s career there was a struggle and pure imagination concept from which he eventually built huge business thriving on money, betting and hassles with US Department of Justice. A billionaire, Calvin Ayre, set up Bodog Entertainment Group including companies like Haydock Sports, Bodog Fight, Bodog Poker Network, Coffee and others which operate with billions of dollars revenues in Internet gambling. How did he make out his iGaming empire?

Being a son of farmers in Lloydminster, he never had an easy start. However he has been developing his business genius with slow steps at an early stages of his live by buying and selling out fruits on side of a road or placing first bets in sports. After graduation with M.B.A from the Univeristy of Seattle he was put on the position of president in Bicer Medical Systems where due to conduct of many unreported operations on shares he was fined and received 20-year ban on Vancouver Exchange.

At that time he was taking up chances to set up web based businesses, like voice over ip company which in the end appeared to be a failure. The breakthrough in his career occurred to be an information on american bookmaker Ronald Sacco who in order to avoid charges in US operated with his betting company overseas. Eventually, Sacco faced charges but managed to keep his business alive after he left prison. It was the inspiration point that Ayre had been waiting for and by investing 10 000 $ opened a betting online system for overseas bookmakers.

These were late 90’s and moving of land-based casinos online was about to start. Ayre became one of the first to explore online potential of the industry and helped to set up businesses in Costa Rica. Then, in the year 2000 he established a new sports betting website with possibility to pay with credit cards and checks. And began very successful marketing campaigns like the one with fictionary character of Cole Turner, an adventurer on Cambodian territory. The series of stories was written by Ayre himself.

Nowadays, Bodog operates from Costa Rica with revenues collected from foreign capitals. The staff of the company includes 150 bookmakers and customer service agents. His fortune is estimated to exceed 1 bln $

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