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Logrand's expansion beyond Mexico: a new platform in the works

Colombia is on Logrand's radar

Lenin Castillo, Online Chief Operating Officer of Logrand Entertainment, explained to Yogonet that the affiliate network of the company is currently comprised of seven operators managing 47 entertainment platforms in Mexico, and that Logrand is currently working on another platform, after the company’s success of Strendus, which encouraged the team to develop a new domain that will take the company to international markets.

Lenin Castillo says that the team is developing a new domain that will take the company to international markets.

In the LatAm market, Colombia has been on the radar of Logrand, inciting the company, after the first regulatory jurisdiction of the region came to play, to enter its online sector, adding a retail offering, or teaming with a land-based operator already established locally.

Castillo explained it's reasoning behind the company’s expansion beyond Mexico “We believe that in less than ten years, Latin America will be competing on an equal footing with Europe." Strendus, the companies brand online, has been a success since release, and has taken Logrand to new heights of relevance, apart from the 13 casinos that have been under their name since 2013. Strendus also offers a network of affiliates, a white-label, and platform in which it offers a wide range of options to the companies aiming to go live in the online channel.  

The reasoning behind these collaborations, which might seem strange, as the operators could maybe see the company as a direct competitor, comes from the fact that a lot of these companies sizes or models are not compatible to the development of an online operation from scratch, and Logrand provides certainty of success, with the history, success and relevance behind it.

“Their clients are already gambling on digital platforms. If they hadn't done it before, they are doing it now as a result of the lockdown measures (..) is't it better that they are able to interact with a platform that they are promoting, in which they are able to generate revenue and through which they can have a direct communication? Strendus works as a link, that is what we offer” mentioned the company´s official.

For the ones that wish to go further, Logrand also offers the mentioned white-label service, with which they will have a platform with their name and brand image, being operated by Logrand. 

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