LOTBA continues its community driven actions in its newest campaign against excessive technology use

In the launched campaign, titled "El exceso de pantalla no es un juego" (Screen excess is not a game), the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires (LOTBA) highlights the importance of balance between screen time and disconnected time

The Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires continues to show the importance it gives to responsible and ethical technology and gaming habits, making it a priority of the institution to prevent the excessive use of these services and technologies as much as possible, especially during the current pandemic where individuals tend to spend more time on their devices than usual.

The entity combined its objectives set out in the Responsible Gamgling Program in this campaign in combination to the current gaming and sociological landscape imposed by the outbreak of COVID-19. In LOTBA's microsite, general recommendations about the matter can be found, with a self-test for individuals.

Some of the tips and recommendations on the website are the following:

-Agree on "zero connection" schedules in which the family commits itself, for example, when sharing the table.

-Generate a balance between connection and disconnection times to avoid visual and postural fatigue.

-Limit the use of screens at night, since they can cause sleep disorders.

-When playing with technological devices, establish a schedule and respect it.

-Look for leisure alternatives other than technological ones.

-Avoid publishing content that exposes family privacy, such as intimate photographs, economic information, data on location, among others.

-Choose platforms that promote creativity, such as educational and cultural apps for the use of free time.

-Avoid information overload.

Among the recommendations, others are also aimed towards mothers, fathers and guardians, such as:

-Establish rules of use and their consequences.

-Control the time of use of technological devices.

-Help your children to do their homework, work, search on the Internet, etc.

-Check their use of technology and networks periodically.

-Explore the possibility of setting filters and control programs for access to some activities.

-Make your children aware of the dangers of the Internet.

-Establish open communication with your children.

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